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Charter Medical

Charter Medical provides solutions for transferring platelet samples safely from an automated apheresis unit or whole blood derived units to an automated bacterial culture system's vacuum bottles.

Our easy dock, fill and inoculate method transfers platelet samples SAFELY as easily as 1-2-3! This takes the guess work out of the transfer volume and minimizes waste.

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03-220-97 03-220-TM 03-220-BC 03-220-BC12 03-220-BC20


Platelet Sampling
Platelet Sampling

Catalog Numbers

Catalog # Description Case Qty
03-220-BC Transfer Set with 10 mL BD™ Syringe and Cap/Vial Adapter 24
03-220-TM Transfer Set with 100 mL Bag and Safety Needle Assembly 48
03-220-BC12 Transfer Set with 12 mL Syringe and Cap/Vial Adapter 24
03-220-TMBC Transfer Set with 100mL Bag, 12 mL MONOJECT® Syringe and Cap/Vial Adapter 24
03-220-TMR Transfer Set with 20 mL BD™ Syringe, 6 Lead Harness Set and Safety Needle Assembly 20
03-220-97 Transfer Set with 12 mL MONOJECT® Syringe, Adapter Cap/Vial Adapter and Piercing Pin 48