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At IMA, our representatives have experience that you can count on.

Today's healthcare is delivered in a variety of settings, through a range of specialties, each with its own unique requirements. Our focused approach to marketing allows our representatives to concentrate their efforts on providing you with choice products and support services that you need most. By specializing in their own areas of expertise, our representatives have the time and flexibility necessary to make sure you get the cost-effective options you require in today's budget-conscious healthcare marketplace.


Our sales representatives receive continued product education following an extensive two week training when they join the IMA team. Throughout the year, webinars are given by the manufacturers as well. Representatives are current on necessary immunizations and training in HIPPA Procedures, Operating Room Safety, Aseptic Techniques, Blood Borne Pathogens, Evidence Based Practice in Infection Control, Fire and Electrical Safety, National Patient Safety Goals and more. Proof of these records are available upon request. Our representatives are registered with the necessary credentialing services such as Vendermate and RepTrax.

Please contact us at 888.548.4462 for your sales rep's information.